Could WWE Champion Brock Lesnar Return to Ultimate Fighting Championship?

WWE News & Notes: Could Brock Lesnar be Returning to the UFC Octagon?

With his contract rumored to be expired after "Wrestlemania 31," could current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar leave the world of sports entertainment to attempt a return Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the sport of mixed martial arts?
Can Bray Wyatt Fill In The Void Left Behind Roman Reigns?

WWE News & Rumors: With Roman Reigns Injured, Who Will Step Into the Void Left Behind?

With Roman Reigns out potentially for one to three months due to injury, CM Punk gone and Daniel Bryan still recovering from surgery, who will step up to fill that main event void among the WWE roster? Latin takes a look at some potential stars that could be pushed into the main event soon.
Adrian Neville Successfully Defends His NXT Championship

WWE News & Notes 2014: Adrian Neville Retains NXT Title at 'Takeover: Fatal 4-Way'; Big Show May Get Title Shot Against Brock Lesnar

Also, news on Bray Wyatt's next feud, Daniel Bryan's return to the WWE from injury, Batista may be done with the WWE for 2014, CM Punk finally communicates with the WWE, KENTA makes his debut, and former WWE / WCW Sean O'Haire passes away.
Alberto Del Rio Talks With Mexican Media Over WWE Firing Incident

WWE: Mexican Wrestling Star Alberto Del Rio, After Being Fired by WWE, Set Debut in Mexico's AAA

Also, Vince McMahon and Triple H contemplate potential matches for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, more matches added to "Night of Champions" while NXT's "Takeover II" is set for next week.
Which WWE Stars Could Replace Daniel Bryan in Main Event Scene?

WWE News: Is Daniel Bryan's Career Over? These Superstars Could Replace Him

Daniel Bryan's injury could force the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion into retirement. But could there be a few stars on the WWE roster that can fill the gap in the main event scene left by Bryan? Latin takes a look at some worthy candidates that may deserve a main event push.
Would Other WWE Superstars Make Better WWE World Heavyweight Champion Than Brock Lesnar?

Is Brock Lesnar's World Title Reign a Mistake? These Five Superstars Would Make Better Champions

Ex-UFC star Brock Lesnar's reign as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion began on Sunday after an emphatic win over former champion John Cena. But is a part-time Lesnar's WWE world title reign really "what's best for business"? Latin Post takes a look at several stars that may make a better WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
John Cena Is What's Best for Business for the WWE; Here's Why

WWE News and Rumors: John Cena is What's Best for Business for the WWE

With Daniel Bryan having gone down with an injury, John Cena is the right person to carry the WWE while Bryan recuperates from his neck surgery. Here's a look as to why Cena being the face of the WWE makes sense.
Which WWE Stars Have What It Takes to be the Next CM Punk?

WWE News and Rumors: Could CM Punk be Replaced by These Superstars?

CM Punk quitting the WWE was a major blow to the company. And while his return does not appear closer to happening anytime soon, there are a few WWE superstars that may have the skills to fill the void at the top left by the popular five-time WWE world champion. Latin takes a look at who these wrestlers are.
WWE Could Lose a Few More Superstars in Coming Year

WWE: These Five WWE Superstars May Leave the Company Next Year

CM Punk may not be the only notable WWE Superstar to leave the company within a year's time. Latin Post takes a look at several WWE wrestlers who could decide to quit the roster.
Should WWE Sign TNA Stars to Help Boost Ratings?

WWE Should Sign These TNA IMPACT Stars; Here's Why

It looks as if dark days may be coming for TNA Wrestling in the wake of the news that Spike TV has reportedly decided not to renew their TV deal with the wrestling company in October.
Will Daniel Bryan's Surgery force WWE to Crown a New WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Under The Lens: With Daniel Bryan Injured, These Top Stars May Be Next WWE World Champion

Daniel Bryan successfully underwent neck surgery this week, which will put the popular WWE World Heavyweight Champion on the shelf for at least two months. Will Bryan be stripped of the title during his recovery? And if so, which WWE star will step in and take the coveted title next?
CM Punk

Under JP's Lens: Why Returning at June's Payback PPV Won't Get Punk Wrestlemania 31 Main Event [Video]

As CM Punk's WWE contract continues to run out, the latest rumors have pointed to the possibility of the five-time WWE world champion returning to the company at their June pay-per-view, "Payback," which takes place in Punk's hometown of Chicago. But is a WWE return this soon a good idea for Punk,, and would it guarantee him the Wrestlemania main event he has chased for so long?
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