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iPhone 8 And Apple Watch 3 could feature gesture control, hints new patent

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 01:28 AM EDT
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iPhone 8 And Apple Watch 3 Could Tout Gesture Control, Hints New Patent

Apple just unveil a new patent so that the iPhone 8 and Apple Watch 3 can be played out with hand gesture control.  The invention made its way into the US Patent and Trademark Office, and it covers a wristband mechanism capable of detecting wrist gestures and turning them into a system for its gadgets.

As per reports by Techtimes, documentation states that the new patent factors in wrist articulation movements, which get analyzed and converted into pre-programmed actions that can tinker with a wearable or separate device. The illustrations that are showed on the images shows how the invention carries sensors that detect when the users change their wrist. The wristband seems to have an understanding whenever there are flexions and extensions taking place. With just hand gestures, the Apple Watch 3 or iPhone 8 can understand the gesture of the movements and perform the action.

According to Follownews, with the Apple Watch or iPhone, you can answer a phone call with a gesture, but there can more varieties of things to explore. Say, if you want to listen to tune the volume of music,  clenching or varied hand movement would be recognise by the devices. Moreover, the iPhone can be remotely controlled via gestures.

It remains unclear as to whether Apple will embed a control system that relies on gestures into its device. The inventor is Anton M. Davydov, and the wrist gesture patent application will come with an April 2016 filing date.

Observant techies might see a certain resemblance to the technology of the Myo armband developed by Thalmic Labs.  The wearable shows potential application in flying drones, and it looks like it's already inked a deal with French drone manufacturer Parrot to make it happen.

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