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NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement 2016

First Posted: Dec 16, 2016 11:08 AM EST
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The NBA and its player's association have reached their decision and deal when it comes to the new collective bargaining agreement. There are a lot of information that were revealed about the past and its ramifications. However, there are also plenty of things to clarify with the information that has been made in public.

According to NBA, the designated player exception has led to plenty of confusion. Many people particularly the avid fans are wondering whether their favorite player was qualified. NBA rules suggest that a player can only be qualified for the DPE if he does the following:

First, if the player makes one of the three all- NBA teams. He must be named either a defensive player of the year or the most valuable player in the previous season. And second, the player must have made one of the three all-NBA teams or has been named as a defensive player of the year in two of the prior three seasons.

Furthermore, the player must be on the team that drafted him. He has also to have been traded on his rookie deal to another team.

According to Bleach Report, players like DeMarcus Cousins, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, John Wall and Gordon Hayward, except Kevin Durant are considered eligible for this exception.

When the Sacramento Kings and Oklahoma City Thunder offer each five-year contract extensions, Cousins and Westbrook are considered as the only players who are already eligible for the exception next summer.

Paul George, on the other hand, could become eligible if he makes an all-NBA team this season as well as for Wall and Hayward.

DPE can also be given to players who became free agents. However, it can only be given to those who are still under the contract. Curry, for example, can sign a contract under the DPE despite being a free agent July 1.

Doing so will allow Curry to earn a maximum 35 percent of the salary cap which is projected to $102 million. The purpose of the rule is to enable for elite players to be rewarded earlier for playing at an extremely high level.

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