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A 60 fps, 4K action camera could be coming in 2017 from Yi Technology

First Posted: Dec 28, 2016 12:24 PM EST
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One more new year gift reaveled for action junkies, and they can soon record their stunts at 60 frames per seconds because Yi Technology a china based company announced to unveil the Yi 4K+ at the Comsumer Electronics Show which is going to held in January 2017.

Along with the new action camera Yi also confirmed a flying tricopter Erida for the first time in the US during the event, the company also claims that the Yi 4K+ is the first camera which is capable of capturing 4K resoultion in 6 frames per seconds instead of 30 frames per seconds. Faster frame rate makes quick motion appearing smooth and also expand the possibilities for editing a shot in slow motion.

According to EnGadget, Yi 4K+ sounds like a modest upgrade of its original 4K action camera, with a ability of capturing the footage at double framerate of the original. The previous model includes a 2.9 inches display with 2 hour of battery life and ability to stream video over Wi-Fi.

As per DigitalTrends, along with the action camera company is also launching the Erida drone. The drone is expected to be the fastest three rotor drone in the market and will speeds upto 75 miles per hour, company claims along with the quick speed the initial test proves that the drone can fly up to 40 minutes.

As far as specifications concern the camera drone also comes with the manual exposure adjustments a gimal and a sensor system for safer flights. The rotors also fold in for a more compact desing.

So now for 2017 fans have got yet another Yi 4K action shooter to look forward for a new adventure, and this one will be even better than the previous one which was launches in 2016. For more updates please keep visiting Latin post and share your views in the comments section.

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