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Sylvania Reveals Latest Smart Multicolor A19 Bulb That Connects With Apple’s HomeKit

First Posted: Dec 28, 2016 11:18 AM EST
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Sylvania is now getting ahead of the fray as it announces its offering ahead of the Las Vegas melee. This upcoming 2017, Sylvania will release its new multicolor HomeKit - an enabled Bluetooth light bulb that allows users to control the lights in their homes without having a separate hub.

According to Apple Insider, Sylvania Smart Multicolor A19 bulb will be first Bluetooth light bulb products that have the ability to communicate with Apple's HomeKit platform. It does not require hassles of setting up a hub and at the same time can advanced control through Apple's HomeKit through Siri voice commands.

Users have to sync the Bluetooth lighting through the iOS' Home app to illuminate the room. It should be connected via Bluetooth to enable control using the Apple's Home App and Siri Voice commands.

The Sylvania Smart Multicolor A19 bulb needs an Apple TV or iPad running iOS 10. Most HomeKit -enabled light bulb products will need to have a dedicated Wi-Fi hub or bridge product aside from the Apple TV or iPad for access and primary control.

According to CNET, the Sylvania Smart Multicolor A19 bulb will be available next year. The brand has other connected LED bulbs that are compatible with a Wi-Fi hub which cost $29.99. The pricing for the new Sylvania Smart Multicolor A19 bulb hasn't been revealed. However, some reports claim that it will likely cost somewhere around $40.

Sylvania's team recently announced that the new bulb would be available on Amazon in early 2017. Lifx, on the other hand, which makes color-changing bright bulbs and also communicates with Wi-Fi has also announced their plans to bring the latest generation of LEDs into HomeKit's platform on the second month of 2017.

In the coming weeks, it is expected to see other HomeKit accessory announcements to line up with CES. The new developer solution of the first HomeKit aims to help companies make the said HomeKit flood sensor accessories available to the market.

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