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‘CyanogenMod’ News & Updates: What’s next after Cyanogen Shutdown

First Posted: Dec 29, 2016 02:14 PM EST
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CyanogenMod is a custom ROM, one of the best out there, which the sole purpose is to enable users around the world to customize their android devices to the fullest capability of the phone. Being an open source operating system for android, the developer community of CyanogenMod has seen great success over the past years, with thousands of handsets that became supported and a lot of custom ROMs for the major android handsets.

CyanogenMod can make performance improvements on older handsets as well as upgrades and new features that are not offered in the original OS of the phone. You can do almost everything that you want to do with your phone’s capabilities with the help of this ROM. The cons of this OS is that it voids the phone’s warranty that comes with it and it can also be disastrous for your phone if you don’t know what you’re doing, as per Android Authority.

Furthermore, tThis aftermarket ROM developer was mostly supported by the community developers, noted GSM Arena. CyanogenMod eventually became funded as part of the established company and no longer needed the support of the community to build night lies and ROMs for popular devices.

But Cyanogen, the company that manages Cyanogen OS nightly builds and the commercial version of the Mod is shutting down operations at the end of this year. As a result, all the services and development will cease from that day. CyanogenMod, the open source android based OS will continue to exist solely on the efforts of developers who want to continue developing it as personal project.

It doesn’t mean that the future of custom ROMs will be doomed, there will be a new custom ROM that will take over Cyanogen OS, and it will be called “LineageOS”. There is no real difference from the two except that now, the LineageOS will be easier to remember. The LineaageOS Project will host archives of CyanogenMod ROMS as well as the new OS night builds.

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