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iPhone 8, iPad Air 3, Apple Watch 3, Glasses: Apple Products For 2017

First Posted: Jan 01, 2017 09:27 PM EST
Apple unveils iPhone 8, iPhone X and 4k-streaming Apple TV

The iPhone 7 and 7 plus were nothing really special from the previous generation except for two new colors and waterproofing. The dual-lens camera on the 7 plus was a good move but however, it wasn't really challenging the asking price set by Apple.

The iPhone 8 however, according to the traditional naming would reportedly come out with an Apple A11 chip. A special addition would be Apple celebrating their tenth year anniversary of releasing their iPhones this year. This would definitely induce a sense of pride for Apple and hence users can definitely expect for something really impressive in stock. Can users finally expect Apple to bring AMOLED screens and wireless charging? Maybe since it's time Apple ditched the LCDs for AMOLED panels. 

The iPad Air 3 might finally see 3D touch implemented alongside better displays possibly. It is rumoured to have a resolution higher than the current iPad Pro 9.7 but nothing has been confirmed yet.  It is believed that Apple iPad Air 3 will be the final product of their 'Air' before finally wrapping up the 'Air' series to concentrate better on Apple's 'Pro' line-up of tablets.

The iPad Air 3 that will see reportedly set for release in 2017  should by all means be released early due a potential clash should so they desire to release the iPad Air and iPad Pro together.  The Apple pencil might also see its functionality paired with the new iPad air but however it's not confirmed yet. An added bonus of higher storage capacity would definitely make it a selling point.

A report from valuewalk hints that Apple for the time being seems to keep everything under closed doors. Coming to Apple wearables, the Apple Watch 3 would surely be more advanced retaining its water resistance with probably a better processor environment. The release will likely happen during their September keynote that's been a tradition for Apple to release most of their hardware in September.

A macworld report speculates that there will be some added storage options to facilitate athletes and other professionals. The pricing however would be around the existing price range around 350$ unless there's another exclusive variant introduced at the time of launch.

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