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First British Man to Get PREGNANT with Sperm Donor from Facebook is an Ex-Asda Worker

First Posted: Jan 09, 2017 11:41 AM EST
Shocking News|First British man to reveal he's PREGNANT says he tracked down sperm donor viaFacebook

Hayden Cross is now considered as the first man in Britain to become pregnant and he's so proud of it. This person was born female who attended an exclusive school for girls. However, at around 14, she got expelled in school that may also be due to family issues since her parents split that time.

According to The Sun, this ex-Asda worker got his sperm donor on Facebook. He received the sperm in a pot sent by a man he didn't know.  He immediately did it using a syringe.

He was in the process of transgender reassignment amounting to £29,000 including surgery and support when he asked his doctors to freeze his eggs before fully completing the reassignment process. Doctors at the NHS refused to carry out this worth £4,000 process so he resorted to finding a donor on Facebook and luckily got one.

"I want the baby to have the best. I'll be the greatest dad." These words mean a lot to Hayden that he is more than willing to temporarily suspend the transgender reassignment and complete it when he is ready after giving birth to the child. He even said that he plans to stay single for a while to give more time to the child and even give him all the best, as he told The Sun on Sunday.

Before the sperm donation on Facebook with this thrilling pregnancy happens, Hayden Cross legally lived as a man for about three years. As part of the transgender reassignment process, he has been taking drugs that help grow beards, get a deep male voice and other masculine features.

Overall, the reassignment is almost about to be fully complete. Hayden's desire to have a child of his own and be a great dad made the process even more meaningful even before its completion.

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