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Verizon Offers Unlimited Wireless Data To Customers For $80 Per Month

First Posted: Feb 14, 2017 03:25 AM EST

Verizon, one of the largest wireless providers in the United States of America has finally decided to offer unlimited data plans for their customers. Starting Monday, Company will rejoin the Unlimited Data party while facing the competition from other wireless operators like T-Mobile and Sprint.

According to USA Today, Verizon has decided to keep their customers' current plans through the wireless provider. Aside from keeping their plans, customers can also choose from an $80 monthly plan for a single line with unlimited data, texting, and call.

To avail Verizon's unlimited data plans, customers must first agree to AutoPay and paper-free billing. Families can pay $45 per line for four lines with a total of $180. The decision of Verizon to launch such offer is to keep up with the growing competition in the wireless market.

The company has been an unlimited plan holdout just like T-Moblie and Sprint that have gained ground on the company together with the top 2 providers, the AT&T with their extensive offerings. Both T-Mobile and Sprint have increased their user base with customers who often use their smartphones for video streaming and photo sharing via social media networks.

According to GYStyle Magazine, with its unlimited plans, customers can get fast LTE speeds. Furthermore, the company prioritizes the usage behind other clients in case of network congestion to ensure quality experience after the 22GB data usage on a line during the billing cycle.

"Verizon is offering something nobody else can: The unlimited plan you want on the wireless network you deserve," said Ronan Dunne, president of Verizon's wireless division.

Verizon's unlimited data plans make sense as wireless networks became better and can handle more capacity. According to Verizon, the cost of delivering a gigabyte of data had dropped from 40% to 50% due to the evolution of its network.

In Verizon's plan, five lines cost $200 each month, four lines that cost $180 with an additional unlimited line that cost $20 up to ten lines. Customers can also add a tablet to their chosen plan with a cost of $20 per month.

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