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Oculus Rift Officially Announces Solution to Fix 'Room-Scale Tracking' Issues, Bugs

First Posted: Feb 17, 2017 12:26 PM EST
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Oculus Rift's most recent platform update, 1.11 was designed to improve tracking performance for experimental room-scale tracking setups with two or more Sensors. For some users however, the update triggered bugs and issues. Oculus has now acknowledged the issues and promises that the next two updates will aim to address the problem.

According to Digital Trends, Oculus has officially sent out solutions and additional sensors to sync users location within large rooms. Unfortunately, the solution still runs into some problem.

The "room-scale tracking," which allows the VR system to track users location within larger spaces, has been singled out to exhibit a serious issue.

The Oculus section of Reddit have seen numerous posts since the update with users reporting bugs and issues. These bugs and issues are the misaligned virtual floor, occasional jumps in sensor position, and inconsistent performance in tracking of Touch controllers which is frustrating to those who have invested in the relatively pricey VR hardware, Upload VR has learned.

Because of that, head of the Rift team at Oculus Brendan Iribe weighed in on the issues posted by Reddit user phoenixdigita1 shared what they claimed was a fifth video recorded to show the faulty tracking in action to help Oculus support diagnose the problem.

The Reddit user complained, "...totally over this bug that Oculus Rift support are making out that they can't reproduce in the lab."

With that being said, Iribe responded to the issue via,

"Thank you for sharing. We are working on core software improvements that should hopefully address these issues. This is the top priority for the next two releases, including 1.12 which we will ship this month. W a're determined to deliver robust tracking and appreciate all the feedback."

On a lighter note, three essential factors make Oculus Rift Virtual Reality System work greatly. First is, of course, the headset, second is the PC who does all of the computing, and finally the sensors which are crucial to keeping users physical environment on track.

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