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Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse Amuses Sky Gazers In The World

First Posted: Feb 28, 2017 03:09 AM EST
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Total Eclipse Of The Sun

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Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse amused sky gazers in Africa, South America, and the Atlantic Ocean when it suddenly appeared in the sky during the annular solar eclipse. Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse appeared when the moon blocked most of the sun which was considered as the first eclipse for the year of 2017.

According to Space, the best Ring of Fire solar eclipse appeared when the moon suddenly blocked the sun to a varying degree. The said eclipse was witnessed in 45- miles wide and 8,500 miles long range on the planet.

The sky gazers who do not reside in some parts of Africa and South America could partially witness the Ring of Fire solar eclipse. For the benefit of other people around the world who cannot see the eclipse, the Slooh Community Observatory's live webcast showcasing the first solar eclipse of the year.

The said Community Observatory also shared views of the event from Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. In Chile, the Ring of Fire solar eclipse appeared at 8:35 a.m. EST, showing a halo of light in the sky. Ring of Fire solar eclipse was identified as annular eclipse wherein the sun will remain visible as a bright ring around the moon.

One of the members of the Irish Astronomical Association named Terry Moseley said that 90 percent of the sun is covered by the Ring of Fire solar eclipse. There is also a distinct drop in temperature, brightness, as well as a change in the quality of light.

According to Perf Science, there are over 300 stargazers who gathered in a remote area near the southern city of Sarmiento where the Ring of Fire solar eclipse left a bright ring in the dark sky. Onlookers blew some notes on "erkes" which along with traditional South American horns.

Experts said that as the day darkens, animals may enter a night-time routine, thinking that the sunset is night. It takes two hours for the moon to move across the sun, but the Ring of Fire solar eclipse peak lasts a minute.

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