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GTX 1080 Ti Unveiled: Gaming GPU has Equal Performance of a Titan X Pascal at Half the Cost

First Posted: Mar 15, 2017 06:32 AM EDT
GTX 1080 Ti Release: Equal Performance of a Titan X Pascal At Half the Cost

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Nvidia, popularly known as the 'green team', has finally released the much-anticipated gaming GPU GTX 1080 Ti that will likely be the first GDDR5X non-titan class desktop grade graphics card. The launch event also witnessed their founder's edition hardware that costs users $699. The 1080 Ti seems to be on-par with the Titan X Pascal, but for half the cost of the latter.

Various YouTubers have already come out with their benchmarks on various test benches, with even benchmark scores readily available for the Ryzen test benches too. Nvidia calls the 1080Ti 'the ultimate GeForce card' yet likely due to its insanely powered chips and better air cooler that they think would help in better thermal performance. With that said, the founder's edition 1080 Ti will not be having a DVI port much to the disappointment of many gamers.

A PCWorld report reveals that Nvidia expects their board partners to announce their products by the end of the current month. While the founder's edition costs US$699, a custom board partner card would most likely result in a higher price by a margin of 40-50$ if the previous trend is maintained. Titan X Pascal users, however, will be disappointed due to early adoption scheme they inevitably got into.

An in-depth write-up on Ars Technica reveals that The 1080 Ti comfortably overthrows its nearest competition by up to 40 percent. The Next-in-line biggest consumer product, GTX 1080 that's currently retailing at $499 doesn't fall behind by a huge margin. Due to the fact that Pascal cards do not support triple and quad-SLI architecture, just an SLI should be the most powerful hardware combination for pretty much anything users will make use of.

The card seems to perform amazingly for its asking price. AMD for a long time has fallen out with both the processor and graphics sector. That said, things have certainly improved for the red team at least in the processor sector. AMD's Vega cards are also expected to be unveiled very soon. Until then, it's very safe to assume that Nvidia 1080 Ti will be the fastest performing graphics card overtaking the Titan X Pascal, for just half of its selling price.


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