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Nighttime Pedestrian Detection System For 2018 Ford Mustang & For F-150 Will Make Night Driving Safer Than Before

First Posted: Mar 18, 2017 01:30 PM EDT
Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford Makes Announcement At Ford's Flat Rock Assembly Plant

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Vehicular accidents are more prone at night time and the numbers will prove it to be a fact. While drivers all over the world each differs on their night vision capabilities it is always regardless on the restrictions indicated on his or her driver's license. In actual scenario, man's vision at night time tends to be superficial as it depends on artificial light and mere reflexes.

The use of modern technology to make life easier can be used to save lives as well, with the occurrence of night vision apparatuses and other illuminating devices. Ford Motor Company has already incorporated these on their vehicles and what a better way to attract the buying public. According to reports from Auto World News, 2018 Ford Mustang and Ford F-150 will be having these features called the Nighttime Pedestrian Detection System.

Nighttime Pedestrian Detection System will have the works of an automatic brake system that will sense an impending impact thus it will finally be the solution to increase in vehicular accident mortality rates. Based on reports from The Drive, night driving is now safer and drivers can be more confident on their visibility at night. It will also take away the imminent fear of drivers as pedestrians are also careless when on the streets, ruling out the usual theory that the driver is always at fault.

Sensors and cameras attached to the front end and rear view mirror respectively will collect information from these radar sensors and the system will automatically trigger the brakes once a collision is about to happen. Although there are already alarm systems on previous automobiles that emit sound when an object is already too near, this uses a new detection system. It will pick up an object or a pedestrian through its night vision video live-feed and view angle.

Now with the new technology integrated on some of the new model vehicles of Ford, consumers are now more concerned with the features of an automobile, second will be their looks and speed. The new Ford Pedestrian Detection system will be launched in the United States along with the release of the 2018 Ford Mustang and 2018 Ford F150. As for those living in Europe, this all-new system will be introduced when the 2018 Ford Fiesta is released

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