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NASA or UFOs Itself Have Dimmed the Footage After International Space Station Captured the Bizare Megaship Object

First Posted: Mar 20, 2017 12:42 PM EDT
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UFO hunters and Conspiracy theorists claimed that NASA has adjusted the images of a "megaship" caught on video by cameras aboard the ISS. Prompting to dim the live feed so the strange objects disappear and could no longer be seen.

Reports have escalated abruptly regarding the bizarre "megaship" like object. It has been captured by an ISS or International Space Station camera long before NASA called to dim the feed. The footage of the UFO megaship structure was uploaded by Streetcap1 on YouTube.

Streetcap1 is a UFO enthusiast who already has posted dozens of videos on his YouTube account that are concluded to be aliens and many have been captured by the ISS cameras. Conspiracy theorists have claimed that the video footage has been altered by some space agency that could be resulted into making the object "disappear."

In the video that has a duration of two minutes, it features a massive "cigar-shaped" object wondering above the Earth's horizon. The object's exact place was hundreds of miles away from the said space station and there are two bright reflective objects seen under the craft, UFOs has reported. 

But minutes after, it can be noticed at the end of the clip, the camera light suddenly dims. The conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters believed that NASA promptly lowered the brightness and lights to make the object disappear and obscure the craft.

In the caption of the video stated by Streetcap1 wherein he stated that he might be seeing things again and that he had to be quick. He confidently claimed that the dimming at the end of the video was sudden and NASA might turn down the brightness as they spotted it.

According to Tyler Glockner, who is also a UFO hunter have stated that he have seen thousands of videos from ISS lived feed. He admitted that there are something wrong in the footage, shortly after the objects came to view, he claimed that either NASA or the UFOs itself have purposely dimmed it quietly, News Target has reported. 

Many claimed that NASA is, in fact, concealing the evidence of UFO sand extraterrestrial since the start of the space program. NASA reportedly tampering the video and photographic evidence removing any UFO activities. Though the agency has denied the accusations.

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