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Blizzard Changes 'Overwatch' Competitive Play, Shakes Up How Winning Works Now

First Posted: Apr 21, 2017 08:41 AM EDT
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Overwatch's New Competitive Matchmaking Gameplay

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Blizzard Entertainment is reportedly shaking things up in terms of how winning works in "Overwatch's" competitive play, specifically on some of the game's maps. The former rules in "Overwatch" used to state that one team had to capture one more objective on Assault and Escort maps than the opposing team in order to win.

Now, according to Polygon, that has changed, making one team only having to make more progress toward that objective in order to take the victory. Blizzard explains that this new system aims to reduce the number of ties, but can also potentially lead to some annoying situations where one team had only 1% completion compared to the other team's 0%, and the match would just suddenly end, confusing a lot of players.

Blizzard has now changed the rules, so the winning team must now earn 33% towards an objective in order to take the win. Blizzard has provided some examples of just how this rule would work in practice, which is currently posted on their official website.

The announcement on their website also states that this change means slightly more ties will possibly occur than the present rules, but the additional clarity of the victory moment and ability for the defense to react to the offense is going to be worth it in the long run. According to Express, the responses to this rule adjustment seems to be overwhelmingly positive from the "Overwatch" Community.

One particular playing in the "Overwatch" Forum thread stated that Blizzard made some "good changes," along with saying that the new system was great and the community is excited about what's next for the game in general.

Another player stated that the new system is now 100% but is much better than the current system that Blizzard has placed in the last patch. "33% is very doable and we don't have to babysit the point all game long," said another player.

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