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'Better Call Saul' Season 3 Episode 4 'Sabrosito' Hinted Jimmy & Kim's Progress on their Relationship; The Brother's Head-to-head Battle

First Posted: Apr 29, 2017 02:11 AM EDT
Better Call Saul - Season 3 Episode 4: NEW Promos & Sneak Peek BREAKDOWN! (Ep.304 "Sabrosito")

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In "Better Call Saul" season 3 episode 4 titled "Sabrosito," will still feature Mike's battle against the Salamanca's and will meet an ally who will have a tempting offer. Also, Kim and Jimmy's relationship may seem to have a progress in the next episode as Kim will be representing him.

In the previous episode of "Better Call Saul," fans witness Jimmy gone to jail as he was charged with a slew offenses. Jimmy was accused of damage to property and assault by his very own brother, Chuck played by Michael McKean.

But Jimmy reportedly knew the reason behind Chuck's action. His brother didn't want him to send in jail but to disbar him, as he was so focused on destroying his legal career. Jimmy is ready to make a deal with Chuck wherein he will not be put jail, instead, he would confess the crimes he committed allegedly.

But Chuck has another thought in mind, he will send the copy of Jimmy's confession to the bar so, he will be destroyed and will revoke his license to practice law and end his career. The question remains for Jimmy, what is he gonna do in "Better Call Saul" season 3 episode 4?

Everything seems to be getting complicated as Kim Wexler, the girlfriend of Jimmy officially joined the fight between him and Chuck. Furthermore, in "Better Call Saul" season 3 episode 4, Jimmy and Chuck hinted to start that battle as they will go head-to-head as lawyers.

TV Guide reported that in "Better Call Saul" season 3 episode 4, Jimmy will call in a favor from Mike. More complications will haunt in the Salamanca's business and will see the struggle of Jimmy and Chuck compromising each other.

Each episode in "Better Call Saul," Chuck obviously shows his villain characteristics in the drama series. As per Gennifer Hutchison, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she claimed that Chuck insists on seeing Jimmy as the villain and the bad guy. He already closes his mind and sees Jimmy's possible good.

Hutchison claimed that it was the reason why Chuck becoming more villainous in every episode. "Better Call Saul" season 3 episode 4 "Sabrosito" will air on May 1, 2017, on AMC.

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