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Bored? Just Unlock Your Smartphone

First Posted: May 29, 2017 08:46 AM EDT

Calls, texts, and emails are old school phone experiences. But social media applications, games and multimedia apps that allow you to play, listen and watch is an essential element to the smartphone experience.

Boredom has driven nearly half of the people to unlock their phones without even having an app in mind. In fact, it has become common practice to waste time searching for the app that is going to waste your time.

In a recent study conducted by mobile content discovery solutions firms Mobile Posse, Phoenix Marketing International and Verto Analytics, looked at smartphones usage among US Android users and the actions they took after unlocking their screen.

According to the study, most smartphone users turn to their device because they are bored. Roughly half (47%) of people unlock their phones with no particular app in mind.

But regardless the motivation that pushes people to the tiny and now huge mobile blue screens, there is no doubt people spend more time playing, watching and listening in their mobile apps than any other medium.

eMarketer, a mobile marketing and digital data resource agency, predicts that the average US adult will spend two hours and 25 minutes per day consuming mobile content in 2017, a jump of 10.3% over last year.

That means, according to eMarketer, mobile apps will account for 19.9% of the average daily total media time spent Tweeting, Instagramming or Snapchatting.

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