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Former NBA champion and Diplomat Dennis Rodman On A "Mission" In North Korea

First Posted: Jun 13, 2017 03:11 PM EDT

Former NBA champion and fashion guru Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea "to open a door" between the U.S. and the DPRK, at a time when tensions between the two states couldn't be higher.

Potentially acting as a middleman for his former "Celebrity Apprentice" boss and current President Donald Trump, Rodman has made several trips to the hermit kingdom and made fast friends with its basketball fanatic leader Kim Jong-Un. Rodman made sure to note that this trip was sponsored by, an electronic currency meant to help buy and sell mairjuana in legalized states.

Before his arrival to a Pyongyang airport, the State Department negotiated for the release of Otto Warmbier, an American student sentenced to 15 years hard labor for attempting to steal a North Korean propaganda banner. Warmbier was released Tuesday on a medical flight in a coma, after supposedly contracting botulism while in DPRK custody.

The visit comes during a period of extremely cold relations and heightened suspicions in the region. The international community has repeatedly rebuked repeated missile tests by the North and the US has responded by testing new anti-missile systems. North Korea still has four American citizens currently in custody, but Rodman denied that his purpose in the country was the role of hostage negotiator.

"I'm just here to see some friends and have a good time," Rodman told members the press in Beijing before his flight to North Korea.

President Trump has said that he would be "honored" to sit down with Kim Jong-Un at some point. As it stands now, the most enduring reminder of how strange our world is that Dennis Rodman is the only person on the planet who personally knows both Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

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