Republican presidential candidates were prepared to attack Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton during the undercard debate on Thursday evening from North Charleston, South Carolina.

Fiorina on Attack Mode

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina used the opening statement segment to say, "I'm not a political insider. I haven't spent my lifetime running for office. The truth is, I've had, and been blessed by a lot of opportunities to do a lot of things in my life. And unlike another woman in this race, I actually love spending time with my husband."

The former HP CEO said the next president has to be one familiar with technology, referencing Clinton's email server controversy. "No, Mrs. Clinton, you cannot wipe a server with a towel," she later added.

Fiorina continued to attack Clinton as well as the Republican front-runner Donald Trump, who isn't participating in the undercard debate due to scoring higher polling data averages and therefore partaking in the prime-time debate.

"I think we have to end crony capitalism, the crony capitalism that starts with both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton," Fiorina said. "You know Hillary Clinton sits inside government and rakes in millions handing out access and favors. Donald Trump sits outside government and rakes in billions buying people like Hillary Clinton."

Fiorina also hit at Trump for his "bromance" with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Fiorina said Putin is an adversary of the U.S., along with Iran. She also called for a halt of refugees coming to the U.S. until there's an improved vetting process.

Santorum on Attack Mode

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum took on a unique approach -- asking viewers of the Fox Business debate to Google Clinton and his name to compare the differences between both politicians.

Speaking on the topic of abortion, Santorum said, "I've taken on Hillary Clinton on the issues you care about. Go Google Rick Santorum and Hillary Clinton, and you'll see five-minute debate. I'll let you decide who won that debate. I tell you who won, because we passed the bill."

Ironically, Santorum's name previously has been mocked on search engines -- led by sex columnist Dan Savage, who twisted the senator's last name to a sex-related term.

On immigration, Santorum spoke in support of removing immigrant families from the U.S. and sending them back to their respective native countries. He said as a result of immigrants learning in the U.S., such as the English language, democracy and capitalism, it would be a "gift" to "export" immigrants.

"You want to stop the flow of immigrants? Let's send six million Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans back into their country so they can start a renaissance in their country so they won't be coming over here anymore."

Huckabee on Attack Mode

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee attacked President Barack Obama for the gun control executive actions. Huckabee said there is no "gun show loophole" and that the president is wrong to insinuate purchasing a gun is easier than groceries.

"I've purchased guns, and I can assure you it is much more difficult to buy a firearm than to get ingredients of a salad in a supermarket," said Huckabee.

Where's Rand Paul?

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., was eligible for the undercard debate as a result of polling averages. Unsatisfied that the Fox Business criteria removed him from the prime-time debate, Paul decided not to appear on the undercard show either. Despite his absence, supporters were present outside of the debate center, calling for his inclusion on the 9 p.m. EST debate.


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