The New York Immigration Coalition’s (NYIC) Education Collaborative joined up with New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña to announce the placement of new translation and interpretation support programs for the city’s large immigrant population.

A statement from the NYIC informed that there will be an expansion of translation and interpretation services as well as the implementation of nine new Language Access Coordinators. Parents will also have direct access to telephone interpreters.

Steven Choi, the NYIC executive director, called the new initiative a huge victory for New York's immigrant communities.

“The announcement that there will be nine new Language Access Coordinators across each Borough Field Support Center in the city is a sign of our success and a testament to what can be achieved when immigrant communities and the [Department of Education] work together for a common goal: to ensure the success of immigrant students and their families,” said Choi.

Fariña said, “This is an important step forward and I want to thank all of the advocates, community members and elected officials who continue to work closely with us to ensure that there are no language barriers between students and families and a great education.”

Fariña added that increasing translation and interpretation services to migrant families was a top priority. “New York City represents a wealth of different cultures, languages, traditions, and beliefs," she said.

A NYIC statement sent to Latin Post informs that almost half of New York's public school students speak a language other than English when at home.

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