On the last episode of "Star-Crossed," a hurricane, which comes out of nowhere, hits and traps everyone inside the school.

Lukas is especially suspicious of the hurricane because it never happens so suddenly and not at this point of the year. He sets off to research with Sophia helping him.

Benton thinks there is a catalyzing agent in Cyper that wants more of Julia's blood. She doesn't want to give it to him but eventually gives in because Benton and Burke have threatened her parents. Burke thinks it's Atrian blood that is catalyzing Cyper, but Burke wants to test it out. Since there are seven Atrians in school, they plan to just pick one and drain him or her of her blood.

Roman says mean things to Emery as he is drugged by Teri. And though Drake and Taylor are about to go public with their relationship, he is blackmailed by Grayson into breaking up with her.

Julia asks Emery for help because Eva threatened her.

Grayson leads the Red Hawks and talks about the Trags. One attendee wants to burn down the Sector, but Grayson disagrees, saying they have to approach the situation in a smarter way. He has an informant who will help them switch focus and go after the Trags.

Drake and Roman see Teri and the Trags smuggling something in, and they start piecing the storm together. Drake says Vega wanted his mom to build a Suvek, which is a blast, that was used against humans. They now think the storm was a way to distract from them getting the tools they need for the Suvek.

This week's episode is called "Give Me a Torch."

Taylor may be pregnant with Drake's baby. The trailer shows Taylor crying, and her tears are glowing blue. This means there's a little bit of Atrian in her, which lends support to her being pregnant. Emery and Sophia research Atrian pregnancies, according to the CW.

Vartain mistakenly believes that it's Emery who is pregnant after coming across the information, so he kidnaps her.

Teri is in charge of finding Iksen's key to complete the Suvek. And Roman and Castor testify about the day the spaceship crashed before the Hwatab.

This episode of "Star-Crossed" was written by Marc Halsey and Jay Faerber, and it was directed by Michael Katleman. It airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.