A magnitude-6.6 earthquake hit the Pacific coast of the Mexican state of Jalisco past noon on Thursday, according to ABC7 News.

The powerful tremblor, which hit the area at 12:07 p.m. local time, initially registered at 6.9-magnitude on the Richter Scale. However, the U.S. Geological Survey later downgraded the earthquake's intensity to about 6.6.

According to the Mexican Seismological National System, which gave the earthquake a 6.5-magnitude intensity, the epicenter of Thursday's tremblor was determined to be located about 172 miles west of Cihuatlan city. Adding to the information, the U.S. Geological Service stated that the earthquake struck at a depth of about 6.2 miles under the ocean floor.

As of writing, no reports of any damages to infrastructures or any reports of casualties and injuries have surfaced. Despite the earthquake originating from the sea, no tsunami warnings have been raised as well, reported FOX News Latino.

With the earthquake's depth of just over six miles below the bottom of the sea, Thursday's tremblor is considerably shallow. Partnered with the intensity of the tremors, however, the earthquake actually had the potential to deal a lot of damage to the area.

Analysts, however, believe that the distance of the coast from the epicenter ended up nullifying the effects of the earthquake.

Mexico's national coordinator of civil protection, Luis Felipe Puente, has stated that there has been no reports of untoward incidents resulting from Thursday's tremblor so far. BNO News states that despite the seemingly marginal effects of the earthquake in the area, the Civil Protection agency has been mobilized nonetheless.

Located at the central west coast of the country, the state of Jalisco is home to almost 8 million people. Within Jalisco's massive land area lies 125 municipalities, all of which are currently being investigated for any damages related to the earthquake.

The country of Mexico is no stranger to natural calamities. In October 2015 alone the country was battered by Hurricane Patricia, the largest storm that has ever been recorded. Prior to landfall, weather experts warned that the hurricane was capable to sending 40-foot waves crashing to the country's shores.

When it comes to tremblors, few Latinos can forget the great Mexican earthquake of 1985, as well. Measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale, it leveled cities across the nation. What was particularly tragic then was that the country was suffering from a political crisis, which compromised rescue efforts, reports The Huffington Post. It was an earthquake that not only rocked the physical foundations of the country, it rocked the political foundations of Mexico as well.

At least, with regards to Thursday's earthquake, it seems like Jalisco, and of course, the country, is just fine.