Gloria Trevi is known for several things -- having crazy hair at a point in her life and wearing crazy outfits -- but she's not known for singing in English.

Well, that may change now that she debuted her "Habla blah blah" song in English.

"It's the first time that I do Spanglish in my career," she said, according to Esmas. "I never dared to do it because my pronunciation is a little different. I know that I will be criticized, but the only way to speak another language is by speaking it."

"Habla Blah Blah" was first released in Spanish last year, and it is the third single off her 2013 album "De Pélicula." Her album has sold more than 150,000 copies in the United States and Latin America and has gone both platinum and gold.

"Music doesn't have any borders, and one has to defend what he believes in, despite it be being small, weak or unknown," she said.

At the Divas Panel at the 25th Annual Latin Billboard Conference in Miami, she also shared that remaining true to herself is important. And her heart tells her to pour everything into every performance or appearance, according to Billboard.

"If I could look everyone in the eye, I would," she said about performing. "To me, it's a little like finding love. I am very generous on the stage. I want to give the best sound, the best production."

She also explained that she wants to be in control of everything she produces.

"There are others in charge of the numbers," she said. "Let me create the video I want, the way I want. Then, tell me what we need to make it so. Don't tell me there's no money in the budget."

Her goal is to work without limits, and she cited Michael Jackson as the perfect example.