Birmingham, Alabama hosts the latest "WWE Monday Night Raw," where Brock Lesnar is confirmed to appear.

Lesnar's appearance comes one week after the "Fastlane" pay per view main event was announced, which will feature him in a triple-threat match against Roman Reigns and Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose. It will be Lesnar's first appearance since his Royal Rumble elimination by The Wyatt Family. The assumption is Lesnar will focus his attention on the Wyatts, but no doubt Paul Heyman will be on hand to strengthen the promotion of "Fastlane."

Meanwhile, WWE booking will likely tease tension between Ambrose and Reigns to further fuel that either man -- likely Ambrose -- would risk their friendship for the main event slot against Triple H at "WrestleMania."

United States Champion Kalisto is hinted to compete against Alberto Del Rio, again, since Del Rio has a rematch clause from losing the title at "Royal Rumble." Del Rio, however, is reported to have a back injury. On "Raw," it should be seen how active of a role Del Rio will have -- if he's booked to appear. Last "SmackDown," Kalisto did defend his title against Neville. Kalisto retained the title, but it's likely a match or a combination the WWE will book for Monday night.

In the divas division, it's all about surprise attacks. Divas Champion Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch at the "Royal Rumble," which then saw Sasha Banks appear and attack both women. Last week's "Raw" saw Charlotte attack Lynch and Banks during their match. At the last "SmackDown," Lynch appeared following Charlotte's winning match against Natalya. Banks and Lynch are vying for the Divas Championship, the storyline will continue likely for a triple threat match for the championship at "Fastlane," although it's a match that should be showcased at "WrestleMania."

One notable aspect concerning Banks is her affiliation with Team B.A.D. During last week's "SmackDown" taping, filmed last Tuesday, Banks told B.A.D. members Naomi and Tamina that she's going solo, but the segment did not air on Thursday's episode. The WWE will likely re-do the segment for Monday night, unless last minute booking will have Team B.A.D. play a bigger role in the Divas Championship scene.

Finally, the WWE will continue its backstage or video packages of forming The Golden Truth, a tag team pairing of R-Truth and Goldust. Also scheduled to appear is AJ Styles, who finally executed his Styles Clash maneuver on Curtis Axel at "SmackDown."

"WWE Monday Night Raw" airs weekly on the USA Network at 8 p.m. EST.