The singer for Puerto Rican music duo Calle 13, who goes by the nickname Residente, took to social media on Feb. 3 to show support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Residente, whose real name is René Pérez Joglar, expressed support for Sanders with a video on Twitter that shows the presidential candidate advocating for the working class.

“Bernie Sanders has more than 30 years advocating for working people and the lower class of the USA,” the singer tweeted.

Politics isn't an uncommon topic for the singer, and the group's music often addresses political issues. Calle 13 is known for politically and socially charged lyrics that often fearlessly challenge authority.

In the song "Querido FBI," Residente raps about the killing of Filiberto Ojeda Rios, a Puerto Rican nationalist, and declares the need for independence for Puerto Rico from the United States.

"Like, if you talk about the independence of Puerto Rico, you know, you’re just part of the 5 percent of the people, so you’re going to have like the 95 percent against you," he said during a 2013 interview on "Democracy Now!"

According to Fusion, Sanders has spoken out about helping Puerto Rico with bankruptcy measures to help the U.S. commonwealth overcome their current financial struggles.

“We need to do everything we can to allow Puerto Rico to restructure its debt in a rational way that does not harm its people, ordinary investors or pension funds in the United States. Chapter 9 protections would be a good first step,” Sanders said.

“But we also should recognize that the reason Puerto Rico has such unsustainable debt has everything to do with the policies of austerity and the greed of large financial institutions."

Residente's move to back Sander comes weeks after two of Puerto Rico's most famous artists, singers Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin, backed Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Watch Residente discuss politics, music and Puerto Rico on "Democracy Now!" below.