Bigfoot trackers and enthusiasts gathered at the annual Salt Fork Lodge & Convention Center for the 26th annual Ohio Bigfoot Convention over the weekend.

Founded in 1989, every year the convention attracts hundreds of Sasquatch enthusiasts from around the country.

Cliff Barackman, who is known for starring on Animal Planet's network series "Finding Bigfoot," was one of the speakers at the event.

"I may make a living on television, but I am a Bigfooter through and through," Barackman said, according to The Daily & Sunday Jeffersonian.

He also talked about his efforts to debunk a series of alleged bigfoot tracks known as the London Trackway.

"Because if I cannot do that ... it's real," he said. "The footprint is not the shape of the foot."

The California native also announced that he working on a second "Road Trip" movie that will be released on DVD.

Back in March, Rick Dyer admitted that the 800-pound beast that he's been lugging around on a national tour is not a real Bigfoot but rather just a prop.

Dyer, a self-described professional Bigfoot hunter, claimed to have shot and killed the mythical creature in the San Antonio woods back in 2012. Earlier this year, he began traveling with what he claimed to be the body of the beast, charging spectators $10 to get a glimpse.

However, after a falling out with his Bigfoot crew, Dyer confessed that the 8-foot-tall body he named "Hank" is actually a manufactured spectacle made to look like a Bigfoot.

Dyer and his former crew apparently got into a legal dispute that led to Dyer announcing "the truth" on Facebook.

"From this moment on, I will speak the truth! No more lies, tall tales or wild goose chases to mess with the haters. I never treated anyone bad, I'm a joker, I play around, that's just me," Dyer said on Friday via his Facebook page, which has since been deleted, reported the New York Daily News.

"Coming clean about everything is necessary for a new start!" he continued.

In Dyer's post, he also said that the nationwide tour grossed close to $60,000.