Fans have been looking forward to the release of “Kingdom Hearts 3” for months. Although no official release date has been announced, gamers are excited about rumors that the famous series may extend beyond the third installment.

The “Kingdom Hearts” creator talked to NowGamer and shared the possibility of the series continuing after the third game.

“The discussion of the end of Kingdom Hearts has never come up between me and Disney, so I don’t know what their intentions are. However, while creating Kingdom Hearts, with each generation, I think to myself ‘This should be something that can’t be accomplished by just Disney,” Nomura said.

He continued that the next generation should be uniquely “Kingdom Hearts.” It is a matter of how long Nomura can keep creating for the franchise. He added that he was not certain if fans would continue to enjoy it as much if only Disney were involved or if the game were not a combination between his own creativity and Disney. “Kingdom Hearts” is actually the property of both Disney and Square Enix, so Nomura feels that the series may not have turned out the way it has if either company exclusively worked on it.

According to Gaming Bolt, the franchise currently has over three games, including smaller titles like “Kingdom Hearts 2.8.” Nomura said that Disney is not the type of company that would end a franchise if it is experiencing success. Disney is not talking about a possible end date, most likely because the title continues to be a hit among players. “Kingdom Hearts 3” is one of the most anticipated titles at the moment, so Disney is expected to create more installments if fans receive the upcoming game well.

Movie Pilot also reported that a 2016 release for “KH3” is unlikely. If the game is not released this year, fans can remain optimistic that the game developers will be providing more content and enriching the storyline as well. Despite the delay, gamers can be certain that the experience will be worth the wait.

Attack of the Fan Boy also wrote that “Kingdom Hearts 3” is expected to launch on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 soon. There are speculations that the game will release in 2017, considering that “Final Fantasy XV” by Square Enix will launch this year.

More updates and details on “Kingdom Hearts 3” and the rest of the franchise are expected soon.