There's at least one person who is happy that Angelique Boyer is no longer with José Alberto Castro: her father.

It wasn't exactly a secret that Boyer's parents did not like that she was dating the older producer; it has been cited as a reason that she stopped talking to her parents.

Boyer's father, Patrick Boyer, opened up to TV Notas about the split.

When asked if he and his wife were more at ease now that the relationship had ended, he said "Of course."

"I think that Angelique, at the age she is now, aspires to something better than being with a guy like that," he added. "My girl regained all the values that we instilled in her, and yes, we are very happy to have gotten her back. We've returned ready to be the in-laws of Mexico."

Boyer has kept her silence the entire time since the split, only sharing that she is doing better and that work is the best medicine.

One situation that caused her to speak up was when people said that the two broke up because Castro abused her. Boyer was very offended by the accusations and said that no one had treated her better than Castro did, and that these rumors were hurtful to Castro, but to her as well.

One rumor alleged that Boyer broke up with Castro because her mother is sick, and she was just following her mother's wishes.

The 25-year-old actress has had to defend herself constantly.

A few weeks ago, she was seen on the back of Sebastián Rulli's motorcycle. She insisted it was a completely platonic moment.

"It was a group of us," she said, according to Quien. "It was an amazing experience. I could share it alongside my best friend, Fernanda. It was enjoyable and very fun, and I thank Sebastián for the tour on his motorcycle. I can already imagine what is being said, which I don't care about."