Last week on "Lo Que la Vida Me Robó," Montserrat was ready to move on with her life, but probably not at the pace that she wants. José Luis is intent on marrying her as soon as possible because he's not sure Alejandro is dead. (Catch up here.)

Here's what happens in episodes 132 to 136:

Episode 132: Laurito is convinced that his father, Alejandro, is alive. Carlota advises Montserrat to decide whether she wants to cancel or continue with her wedding, but Rosario thinks it's better if the event is postponed. Fabiola has lost her inheritance and is desperate and under the effect of alcohol. She ends up threatening Graciela with a gun.

Episode 133: Alejandro finally arrives to his hometown, but he has to be careful that the Aguazul police do not discover him. It's the reason he ends up sending Montserrat a card because he can't physically see her. Josefina and Victor help him give her the letter. When Montserrat receives it, she is hurt and doubtful. Alejandro is at the beach when he's surprised by someone who arrives.

Episode 134: Montserrat berates Graciela for all the lies she has told her and her son, Laurito. With tears in her ears, all she can say is that she hopes that all the bad she has done is in her conscience. José Luis tells wedding guests to leave because there is nothing to celebrate. He is now sure that Alejandro is alive. Montserrat returns to where their wedding took place to speak face to face with her now husband.

Episode 135: Graciela advises José Luis to get Montserrat pregnant as quickly as possible, so that she doesn't leave him. He seriously thinks about taking her advice. Alejandro arrives at Montserrat's home, but it's Graciela who he finds. She is surprised and has nothing to say, but Alejandro asks to speak to his wife. Graciela lies once again and tells Alejandro that Montserrat is expecting José Luis' child. She asks that he doesn't meddle in Montserrat's new life, and all he can do is cry.

Episode 136: Montserrat and José Luis go on their honeymoon, and take her son with them. It'll be the first night together for Montserrat and José Luis. Meanwhile, Alejandro is in despair. He tells Josefina that he really needs to hold Montserrat.