"La Gata" kicked off in Mexico last week, but it will eventually make its way to Univision. For those who want to get ahead or want to recap, here's what happened in the first week:

Episode 1: A young Pablo doesn't need to worry about social classes, but he does know what it is to feel jealous of others. From his window, he can see Esmeralda playing with her friends. Esmeralda lives in a dump with a black cat, who she describes as her only companion. Esmeralda also goes by La Gata. Doña Rita has raised Esmeralda. Esmeralda and Pablo meet, something he's always wanted. Rebecca gives Esmeralda food, but Doña Rita prefers to keep it for herself. For Esmeralda and Pablo's second meeting, he apologizes for calling her a 'garbage cat.' And they're finally able to become friends. He buys her milk and gives her money. Pablo is told to never bring Esmeralda back into their home.

Episode 2: Pablo begs his mom to let him see La Gata, but she doesn't waver. But his younger sister, Virginia, tells him that she can help him sneak out to see Esmeralda, without Lorenza noticing. Esmeralda says his mother is unfriendly and that she no longer wants to see him, and it seems his plan was not foolproof. Lorenza discovers he is gone, and she goes to Esmeralda's home and yells at her, demanding to know where her son is.

Episode 3: La Gata asks Rita what's wrong, and she learns that Chucho was taken. Lorenza tells her husband, Agustin, that she wants to have no regrets because the future isn't guaranteed. Esmeralda brings in a letter and asks Rita what it means. Rita says the letter is Esmeralda's future. Virginia is disciplined for having sympathy for those who are less fortunate than her.

Episode 4: Esmeralda arrives at the dump just in time. Fela is being bothered by a group of boys, but she rescues her. Mariano tells Pablo that Monica will always be like a cousin to him, so definitely not someone he'd ever want to be with. Esmeralda tells La Jarocha that everyone makes her feel like a cat in the garbage, except for Pablo.

Episode 5: Rita tells Esmeralda that when she least expects it, she will see Pablo married to a woman of his same social standing. Esmeralda replies by saying that Rita just wants to torture her, but Rita says that she will see proof of his love for another woman eventually. Pablo ends up admitting his love for Esmeralda, but Lorenza surprises them and says she will not let them be together.