A new war is brewing between Apple Inc. and Google Inc. 

The two Silicon Valley titans are foaming at the mouth -- they want a bigger piece of the "marketshare" pie. One dominates the luxury electronics market and is poised to do the same with the entire recording industry, while the other has a stranglehold over lucrative search and mapping technologies.

Apple, of course, deals in the former. Its hardware is known for having exquisite craftsmanship, but the the quality of the applications that run on the company's mobile lineup -- iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad -- are the real stars.

Since Apple's iOS 7 operating system is so easy to use, it's no wonder that Third-party developers would mimic that simplicity in their own app designs. That's not to say that these apps are ill-featured. They are incredibly powerful but designed in such a way that is idiot proof.

Historically, Apple was thought to have the upper hand when it came to app selection and quality. But it ceded its position as the largest mobile app store some time ago.

But aren't Android apps bloated, junky messes? 

And that leads to the next question: Does anybody buy an Android phone for the (non-Google specific) apps?

The two above questions are what the folks over in Cupertino would like you to ponder.

But talk is cheap, and while Android receives a lot of bad PR resulting from substandard apps, its largely improved the quality of its wares. 

Still make no mistake about it: An Android phone or tablet's 'major selling point' is its symbiosis with Google. Things like home screen search and Google Now voice recognition immediately come to mind. These features, alongside the ever growing list of apps, make Android the most popular mobile platform in the world by far.

Does it just happen that Apple apps run faster and crash less frequently than comparable Android selections? Perhaps. But choosing a smartphone isn't a black or white affair. Everything is subjective.

Are you an iPhone fanatic or an Android blue blood? Share your smartphone pride in the comments section below.