Justin Bieber is one of the most popular young icons in today's world. At just 20 years old, Bieber has more money, notoriety and cars than most people have in a lifetime. Bieber also has the single most followers on twitter, so it's pretty safe to say people know him.

According to multiple reports, Bieber has been tied to the Los Angeles Clippers for a while.

Long time Clippers owner, Donald Sterling was completely banned from ever attending an NBA game. He has also been removed from any basketball decisions that are voted by owners and all basketball operations by the team. Most likely, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will get a three quarters vote by other owners, and Sterling will be forced to sell. But that brings up the question: Who will take over as the new Clippers owner?

There's no doubt Bieber has the money, but does he have the experience and is he mature enough? Probably not. Bieber has been arrested many times before and doesn't exactly bring in a lot of business experience to NBA that would be beneficial to the league. He may get a lot of support from his listeners and viewers nationwide, but Clippers fans voiced their displeasure recently. In game four of the second round, the Clippers hosted the Thunder in Los Angeles. Clippers fans booed Bieber when his face was shown on the jumbotron.

Another name that has been brought up is Magic Johnson. Johnson is most famous for playing in the NBA for Los Angeles Lakers and winning five NBA championships. Johnson has long been retired and is now 54 years old. Johnson is active in the sports business world and currently owns part of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Sterling specifically mentioned Johnson in his controversial video recording and has since criticized the Hall of Fame point guard for not doing enough for Los Angeles. Magic is very active and busy, but he would make a good owner of the Clippers, and he may want the last laugh in this Sterling-Magic rivalry.

Even Floyd "Money" Mayweather's name has come up with the Clippers ownership. Floyd has a lot of business experience promoting fights and is 37 years old. He is also very popular. However this is very unlikely to happen just as Bieber. Mayweather has a history of racist comments just like Donald Sterling, and the owners would never approve of him becoming the Clippers owner. In 2010, Mayweather said about Manny Pacquiao:

"As soon as we get off that vacation we're going cook that little yellow chump. We aint worried about that. So they aint gotta worry about me fighting the midget. Once I stomp the midget, I'll make that mother f----- make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice"

There's not a chance the NBA will approve Mayweather or Bieber with their past profiles and lack of basketball knowledge. Maybe instead of ignorant comments, Mayweather should finally man up and face Pacquiao instead. Wealthy owners across the country will continue to express their interest, but Magic Johnson appears to be the front runner.