An object believed to be a UFO was seen in the sky above Vienna, Austria on October 2016.

Worried onlookers immediately captured the image and posted it online. The sighting is the latest among numerous sightings all over the world. Many believe that this will prove further the science claim that alien existence is true.

Almost similar to other sightings which has a bright light and spherical in shape, the UFO lights up the city from above and gave off a white and almost-purple glow, RT News reported.

People who spotted the hovering craft also claimed that the same sighting was seen in the southern town of Graz and other nearby cities. This similar description was also claimed for sightings in Moscow, Russia ten years ago.

But non-believers dismissed the UFO sighting, seeing it as an aircraft similar to a quadrocopter, a helicopter with four rotors. Officials of the place did not give any confirmation or disagreement to any speculation.

Austrians claimed that the sighting was not the first to appear in their country this year but a lot more. During the New Year celebration, a UFO was captured in a camera by a student apparently being struck by lightning in Mostviertel area of lower Austria.

The mysterious object was captured when students danced and the camera was panned upward to follow sparking fireworks, then it was spotted having bright orb in the sky.

In relation with this news, in October 7 this year a UFO was seen appearing to land in Moscow. The sighting was immediately uploaded by witnesses to sharing sites and the mobile phone footage had just becomes viral.

It showed a bright ball of light flying over blocks of flat before slowly descending to the ground. It was huge and dazzling. According to media in Russia, it was not the first time for the country to record UFO sightings above its skies.