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Toblerone is getting a makeover; Is it worth it?

First Posted: Nov 10, 2016 03:53 PM EST
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The shape is not really that matters for Toblerone, but its weight and the quantity. The 400-gram weight before is now just 360 grams and the 170 grams becomes 150 grams. Fans were not happy with the change. Their comments spread in social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

BBC reported that although the shape has change but the package would still look the same. Before buying the customer will not first notice the change, but after the wrap is torn. Inside the spaces between triangles have been widened, noticeable decrease of quantity is obvious.

The discontentment showed by the Toblerone consumers just showed how they love the chocolate. Some Twitter posters even commented that UK Toblerone lovers are more interested with the chocolate's change than the US election. The company answered that the reason for the decrease of quantity is due to the expensive ingredients. Though the weight is really what customers have complained but it might have also some psychological effect that the shape adds for its being highly delicious.

The side effect of over consumption of chocolate has been given by some health websites such as Live Strong. UK for example was alarmed by the growing overweight people worldwide and the number of heart diseases increased. Was it the real reason for this change of shape Toblerone has? The company did not mention it.

According to Time magazine, Toblerone said on their Facebook page that like many other companies they are experiencing higher costs for numerous ingredients. It was not confirmed by Mondelez International, the U.S.-based company that manufactures Toblerone chocolate, if the change of chocolate's weight and design affected only the U.K. market, as opposed to the wider European market but the spokesman added that the alteration in the chocolate's weight and design "wasn't done as a result of Brexit."

Other consumers did not criticize the company for its decision rather they praised them for their public announcement.

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