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'Rogue One' new trailer surprises viewers

First Posted: Nov 11, 2016 10:13 PM EST
Rogue One New Trailer Suspenses Viewers

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In this new international trailer of Rogue One, movie goers would not only get more of Darth Vader, but would also get a thorough explanation of the title of this film. More information of Jyn Erso's (Felicity Jones) background would be disclosed too.

As exhibited on the trailer, it has been observed that there were few things to note. One of it was, the film was certainly not a spoiler which was opposite to its speculations, Gizmodo stated.

The greatest thing to note in the silver screen is the crystal. In one of the scenes, Jyn's mother gives her a brilliant and shining crystal with a prompt "Trust in the Force".

It has been reported that hearsays were constantly circulating about the revelations in Rogue One. It has spread that kyber crystals were very popular. It has been used as a laser sword, which was one of the essential elements of the Death Star.

The aforementioned crystal has been indicated in a book named Ahsoka. This book takes into place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. The said book contains an explanation on the aspects of the color changes of crystals.

In addition, if Jyn's father has done an experiment with the crystals, it made her having one. Thus, this would then led an explanation as to why the Empire looked for Jyn's father, Techsite reported.

Therefore, Jyn could then be suggestive lineage from her childhood to the Death Star. Another noteworthy feature in this film is that this would be the first time that the Death Star would be seen in action. This would likely seemed that the space station, a galactic superweapon, Death Star has undergone a "weapons test", Mon Mothma cited.

Using the rock formations as the basis, this image resembles a Jedha. It has been the sacred place of the worshippers of Force. Rumors were lingering that the place is quite related to the production of lightsabers wherein it ignited the lightsaber/Death Star connection once more.

It has been claimed that a portion of it was seen before, however this trailer got a team whom they give themselves the call sign "Rogue One". As of the time being, there were no pieces of evidence yet.

However, there was a feeling of hope that the team could either get the plan to the rebellion and would go out in the blaze of glory or the team has done something that would surely offer such amazement to the extent that the Rogue Squadron would name it after the team.

It would be a coincidence then, if it turns out like that. Those are three new features in the trailer. Certainly, the movie would engrossed the viewers.

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