If there's one thing an NBA fan is looking forward to the most before the season starts, it's the release of the newest "NBA 2K" game. This year, the developers of one of the best basketball video games is upping the ante and making the smallest details as engaging as real basketball.

NBA 2K14 will soon be on every NBA fan and ultimate gamer's console as it hits stands in October. Living up to the hype and reputation, the new NBA game will feature a solid addition to its already visually stunning, as-good-as-real visual effects: a new level of sideline celebrations.

To make players on the bench look as human as possible, and for the simulation to feel as real as it could get, developers Visual Concepts and the publisher 2K Sports have brought in the perfect man for the job: Kent Bazemore.

The Golden State Warriors rookie may have seen limited minutes on court, but his side court antics have caught everybody's attention. From jumping to dancing, kneeling to playing superman, Kent has done it all on the bench. Check his amusing gestures below.

Taking advantage of this one-of-a-kind sideline skill, NBA 2K14 brought the rookie to its team.

In an Instagram video posted by Ronnie Singh, digital marketing director of NBA 2K14, Kent was seen donning a motion-capturing suit to record his almost infamous sideline extravaganza. His celebrations will definitely make for a notable addition to NBA 2K14's gameplay.

For those wanting to see how bench players will be "Bazemoring" on the video game, you will have to wait until the game drops in stores on Oct. 25. NBA 2K14 will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, as well as the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.