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Johnny Depp reconciles with ex-wife, Vanessa Paradis, after divorce from Amber Heard?

First Posted: Nov 15, 2016 11:32 AM EST
French actress Vanessa Paradis (L) and h

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Johnny Depp has now returned to his former wife's care after Amber Heard filed a divorce. The then-good relationship between Depp and Amber was stained lately with the news that Depp had inflicted domestic violence against Amber. Amber's claim was confirmed when she was spotted having obvious bruises under her eyes during the hearing.

According to MobiPicker, Depp is currently enjoying with his former wife, Vanessa's company, together with their son and daughter Jack and Lily-Rose. Although it is not yet confirmed if the two revived their relationship. Yet, it seems Vanessa is focused on resolving conflict between them and regroup her family.  She seemed to be helping Johnny regain his life.

For sure their children and Vanessa have endured heartbreak after Johnny left them for Amber. But Vanessa may have already moved on and this time it is good for her and their children to have Johnny again.

Now, the image of Jack Sparrow has been scarred and he should do something to clean it again. That situation can be felt when a lot of adverse comments spread in social media after the actor was selected as a star in the sequel of 'Fantastic Beasts'.

Harry Potter's fans have protested on him not fit to be a hero in such a good movie when in real life he beats women. But not all hated him and the complaint was yet to be proven.

Vanessa and Johnny were together for 14 years and got two kids until 2012 when they separated. Vanessa waited Johnny to propose reconciliation but otherwise had happened when Johnny married Amber Heard just a year ago, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Most fans would agree that it is much better for Johnny to come back home with Vanessa and their kids and repair the damage that happened. After all, fans are not totally turned off with him since he is a great actor.

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