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Alberta Environment Minister: With Trump as President, Alberta's Climate Change Plans Still Pursue

First Posted: Nov 16, 2016 02:32 PM EST

The assurance was said by Shannon Phillips in a phone call from United Nations climate meetings in Marrakech, Morocco. "We did not write our (climate plan) around an ambitious American climate agenda. We wrote it around business as usual, controlling for competitiveness.''

According to Huffington Post, Trump during campaign has expressed willingness to pull back on efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and move away from measures such as reducing coal-generated power and putting a price on carbon.

Alberta's New Democrats have promised more actions on combatting climate change that includes:

Imposing a USD 20 per ton carbon levey next year and increase it to USD 30 per ton in 2018; putting a 100 megaton limit on carbon emissions from the oil sands as well as phasing out coal-generated power.

Phillips said that Alberta is not alone for such plan, China, other US states and even all over the world are legislating similar moves.

Declarations of Donald Trump worried some concerned parties in Alberta. Industry associations and the Province's Opposition Wildrose party are appealing to the government to suspend the climate change plans as it will put Alberta jobs at risk.

But Phillips see a different perspective, she said that moving ahead to limit greenhouse gases would bring new jobs and investments to Alberta that would not be dependent on inconsistent world commodity markets. She also said that phasing in renewable power will create USD 10 billion in investment, she said. Pricing carbon will also encourage businesses to invest to reduce their emissions, as iNews880 reported.

Concerned parties have good reasons to worry with Trump's declarations as although Trump could not withdraw U.S. through Obama administration from Paris pledge but he can ignore it.
 Phillips said that Mr. Trump's declarations are not yet certain and so it could change somehow in the near future.

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