It was a week dominated by Beyoncé, Jay Z and Solange, but there were plenty of other interesting things going on, especially on social media. Here is what you may have missed.

This picture wasn't shared by Sebastián Rulli, but he did like it. The actor retweeted this picture from the set of "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó," where his two littlest co-stars playing in a bookcase. Rulli called the snap brilliant.

Elizabeth Gutierrez shared an adorable picture for Mother's Day. She posed with both of her children and said, "What a blessing it is to be a mother, and more so, to be a mother to these two little angels."

Martina Stoessel shared an interesting denim jacket. It was an acid washed jean jacket that featured a large picture of Frida Kahlo on the back. We wonder what she paired it with.

Eiza Gonzalez wore this '80s-style bikini and was a bit revealing. The picture slightly shows off a tattoo along her bikini line, leaving many wondering if it was new and if it was more than one tattoo.

Angelique Boyer posted a picture with a friend, and she had only nice things to say: "@hugansther, because when you're with me there are no bad day! Thanks for so much Tiki."

Zoe Saldana faced a lot of criticism on Twitter this week, but at the beginning of the week she was hanging out with Eva Longoria. She said she felt humbled.

Jennifer Lopez decided to go back to her childhood. She posted a picture of herself with her mom and siblings. "#lookit I'm the one she can't hold Happy Mother's Day Mami! You are the light inside of me. I adore you!"

Who knew Prince Royce was so good at ping pong? The singer shared this snap and declared himself the "champ."

Ninel Conde is still facing lots of rumors about her pregnancy. Some say she's not really pregnant, but the star says she's feeling nostalgic for her pre-baby bump body.

Chespirito shared this image, possibly to further prove that he is doing well. He wore a comical shirt that says, "Every day I wake up looking handsome, but today I exaggerated."