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AMD Preps to Unveil AM4-based X370 Chipset Motherboards at the New Horizon Event Next Week

First Posted: Dec 15, 2016 09:28 PM EST

Gamers all over the world are optimistic that AMD will shed light on their secreted X370chipsets next week, together with the launch of their long awaited Zen CPUs. In an event organized by AMD's management, known as The New Horizon Event, the motherboard makers will showcase some of the cool stuffs that they've been working on.

The event was planned as a way for AMD to exhibit their new entries of CPU's, particularly the Zen CPU. Rumors are flying around that AMD might as well unveil some of their coveted AM4 coolers and motherboards.

Although this is not yet confirmed, there is a high likelihood that AMD will want to give it's enthusiasts a sneaky peek at what's coming up in the near future. According to WCCFTech AMD organized the New Horizon event as a fan-based event, where gamers and fans will get to experiment on new products from the company. Here, lucky buffs might have a hands on experience with AMD's new Zen CPUs, plus other new stuff from the company.

University Herald hinted that the new X370 chipset will have some new features that are directly meant to counter rival products from NVIDIA. The chipset which is built on the AM4 platform, will feature DDR4 memory compatibility and is made in such a way that it will support RAM overclocking. Bearing in mind that the AM4 motherboards are some of the most operable motherboards in the market, we are optimistic that AMD will successfully achieve RAM overclocking, even with the X370 CPU installed.

Among the many utilities we expect to be featured in the new AM4 motherboard is a; functional VRM heat sink, to help with cooling, an M.2 interface and about four DDR4 memory slots for expanding the memory. Most likely, these motherboards will come in a black PCB finish, so as to maintain AMD'S attractive trademark. Zen CPUs on the other hand will enter the market early next year, probably in January. An 8 core SR7 Zen CPU is the most likely flagship for AMD in 2017, for the mid-priced CPUs category.

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