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Apple says iPhone 6S battery issue bigger than first thought

First Posted: Dec 28, 2016 11:00 AM EST
Apple says iPhone 6S battery issue bigger than first thought

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The Apple iPhone 6s, part of their 2015 flagship phones alongside the iPhone 6s Plus, apparently is suffering from some serious battery issues which the Cupertino firm found it concerning. This month, there were reports that said Apple were replacing the batteries for phones that were found to be at fault, that Apple said they were finding it out through serial numbers.

A report from USA Today said that Apple now feels that the problem is bigger than they initially assessed. A lot of people complained that their phone would shut down abruptly while accessing it. Apple announced the exchange program for those who had problems with their iPhones.

However, Apple estimates that the problem would go beyond those devices manufactured before September 2015. A report by the chinese manufacturer revealed a small number of customers outside the affected range of serial numbers had also reported the problem. This was made available on Apple's website.

Apple is in the processing of releasing a software update to gather more information about the problems that were causing phones to shut down to assess the conditions for the problem and is also exploring problems that would reportedly be fixed in the future iOs operating systems.

A report on fortune revealed that Apple stressed on the fact that the battery manufacturer put the components exposed to controlled ambient air for longer periods of time than the regulated limit before assembling the phone which isn't really a safety issue after numerous reports that were lodged from a regulator of the Chinese consumer association last month.

Apple began offering free battery replacements for those phones at fault, last month with no disclosure about affected device serial numbers. However, Apple now wants to gather more information about it partly to collect details about more phones and their serial numbers, and hence the update will soon roll out to iPhones 6s for now.

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