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NBA Trade Deadline Updates: 5 Teams Make Move For Playoff Push

First Posted: Jan 02, 2017 12:04 PM EST

As the NBA season rolls into the 2017 year, the February trade deadline is getting closer, making NBA teams spend a bit more of their time eyeing the said pending trade deadline. The trade deadline is a couple of months away, and it is expected that crazy trades are about to happen then or in the offseason.

According to Fox Sports, there is still time for teams to how the things are playing out for them to weigh their options. In the upcoming trade deadline, some teams will surely benefit from it in time for a playoff push.

The New York Knicks

New York Knicks team needs to address a void in the backcourt if they aim to be acknowledged in the NBA Playoffs. Goran Dragic, Miami Heat guard, has offered the Knicks an excellent point guard which is familiar to Jeff Hornacek, the head coach.

The Miami Heat will be using some attractive assets from the team to help continue the rebuild.

The Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets seems to be a great fit for Rudy Gay from the Kings. Trevor Ariza has shown an excellent performance in Houston, but Rudy Gay would be an instant upgrade to the team. Gay's 18.5 ppg average is already good for Houston team.

With Gay in the team, Houston Rockets would be a more potent team into the playoffs.

The Oklahoma City Thunder

According to Hoops Habit, Milwaukee's Greg Monroe could give a solid frontcourt as well as some defensive help for the Oklahoma City Thunder team. Monroe is interested in dealing with him despite the fact that he has found his groove with the Bucks this season.

Adding Monroe the team will help them across the board and will give Westbrook another young player to play off.

The Sacramento Kings

The Kings are currently becoming competitive when it comes to playoffs. The team is an interesting spot where they could buy and sell at the deadline. They have a desperate need for scoring from the backcourt, and Rudy Gay would seem to fit in the position. The Kings is also eyeing guard Brandon Knight from the Phoenix Suns as their solution.

The Chicago Bulls

The Bulls thought that they had made a good decision when signing Rajon Rondo. However, Rondo has been off in ChiTown. The Brooklyn Nets is planning to unload some talent for assets, and the Bulls are looking forward to it.

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