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NBA 2017 Updates: Golden State Warriors Confident To Outscore Other Teams

First Posted: Jan 09, 2017 07:46 PM EST

Fans and critics usually assume that a team who holds a 19-point lead entering the fourth quarter are already safe for success and win. People will then assume that it would be safer if the team were 31-5 Golden State Warriors who also have 16-2 at Oracle.

According to Basketball Insiders, although the playoffs are still months away, there are some dilemma and issues that Warriors are facing and may not be solved without addressing one of the team's key personnel issues.

To be a winner in the NBA requires so many things. To win, players should possess a talent and should be capable of coaching. There are several opinions when it comes to whether or not being the elite defensive team is a requisite for the highest level of success.

However, a championship caliber team should have the ability to get stops in the waning moments of games. Spurs, Rockets, Grizzlies, and Cavaliers have proven that the Warriors players are unstoppable.

On the first night of the regular season, the Spurs and the Warriors have already played with a final score of 129-100. The Warriors lost but anyone could tell that the final result was an aberration. The Warriors and the Spurs won't be playing until May.

There is only one thing that was revealed during the game and that is the Warriors defensive rotations and ability to simultaneously stop a driving swingman and defend against the bad midrange shooter was questionable.

Kawhi Leonard from the Golden State is getting wherever he wanted on the perimeter. LaMarcus Aldridge, on the other hand, has used his size as an advantage to finish in the paint. According to Golden State of Mind website, it was already a great help when the team shot 12 for 24 from the three-point line.

By having Durant in the team and cutting the ties with some of the key defensive rotation players from the previous season's team, the Warriors is confident that they could outshoot and outscore other teams.

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