Since the release of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One last fall, Sony has dominated the next-gen console wars over Microsoft as the PS4 has considerably outsold the One.

According to Gotta Be Mobile, Sony's success with the PS4 rivals its own success garnered with the release of the PlayStation 2 back in 2000, just after the turn of the century.

There are still many gamers who have not decided which route to go, however. Some are still asking whether to purchase the PS4 for $399 or the Xbox One priced at $499. They also may be asking themselves if they should buy either of the new consoles at all.

Both consoles have considerable pros and cons, but so far the PS4 seems to be the most dominant in this war.

Gotta Be Mobile compiled a list of five reasons why the PS4 is a much better buy than its Xbox One competitor.

The technology site argued that either console is going to be better than their previous counterparts as the graphics are only going to get better on the games developed for the new consoles. The previous consoles will soon be outdated as companies will not release games for them anymore.

The second reason the PS4 console is better is that Sony has improved the digital media market for purchasing games. The console's download capabilities have improved from the PS3 and are better than the Xbox One's digital market.

It also cites backward compatibility for PlayStation coming very soon. PlayStation Now will allow players who own both PS3 and PS4 consoles to stream their PS3 games on the PS4 through Sony's servers. According to the tech site, however, the service is currently in beta and doesn't have a listed price at this time.

Remote Play is the fourth reason why PS4 is more dominant as it allows players to continue playing their game on their PlayStation Vitas. The feature was already an option on the PS3, but Microsoft still has yet to develop anything similar for its Xbox consoles.

And lastly, the site claims that the PS4 controller has improved over the years and is better alternative to any of the Xbox's controllers. The new PS4 controller is lighter and has gripped tips at the end of it so players hands don't slip. The headphone jack in the controller is what really sets the PS4 apart as users can plug in their earphones into the controller to listen to the game's audio, which can come in handy during late night video game sessions.