The good news for boxing fans is the current Welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather is scheduled to fight and defend his title on Sept. 13. The bad news is we don't know who that boxer is yet. Of course, everyone wants a piece of the champion, but Mayweather isn't willing to give everyone that opportunity.

Here are five boxers that would make for a good match, come September.

Marcos Maidana            

This is the most likely matchup for Mayweather. Mayweather and Maidana went toe to toe on May 3 with Floyd winning by majority decision. The fight lasted all 12 rounds without either boxer able to knockout the other. Mayweather knows he can beat Maidana again, so it would make sense for him to choose Maidana instead of a more qualified opponent.

Amir Kahn

Leonard Ellerbe is the promotions chief executive of Mayweather boxing. Recently he stated, "If Amir Khan wants to flight Floyd Mayweather, we're going to fight on Sept. 13." Kahn is an average boxer out of the United Kingdom, but he's not on Mayweather's level. This fight wouldn't increase Mayweather's legacy, but again, it would probably be a walk in the park for him and an easy title defense.

Now here's where we get to the entertaining possibilities. Here's three possible matches that would please fans and boost Floyd's legacy.

Manny Pacquiao

It's very unlikely because Mayweather has shown time and time again he doesn't want to get in the ring with Pacquiao. Pacquiao has given into countless demands ranging from location, taking less money, and drug testing. It's unfortunate for boxing fans because this is the fight that everyone wants to see. Mayweather's refusal to do business with promoter Bob Arum and unwillingness to give Pacquiao more than even 13 percent of the earnings hindered this fight. But we always hope.

Timothy Bradley

Bradley has "called out" Mayweather several times, but whether or not he's listening is a mystery. Bradley doesn't have the greatest defense or speed, but he can pack a strong and powerful punch. Bradley is 31-1 in his career with his lone defeat coming to the hands of Manny Pacquiao. This would be an entertaining fight with both boxers very evenly matched.

Keith Thurman

This would be the most compelling and fun match to watch. Thurman is 25 years old and has a professional record of 23-0. Thurman has by far the hardest punch out of anyone on this list, and if he connected with full power punch against Mayweather, he just may cut "pretty boy" Floyd. Thurman is also a smart boxer who plans his knockouts at the right time. Only two of his fights have not been won by a knockout decision.

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