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Niall Horan Girlfriend 2013: 1D Singer Says He Would Date a Fan

First Posted: Aug 05, 2013 11:42 PM EDT

Niall Horan just made half of the world's population scream when he revealed that he isn't picky with women, and is very open to dating any of the millions of "Directioners."

One-fifth of One Direction, currently the world's most famous boy band, Niall has been linked to a number of gorgeous and equally famous women. From rumors of dating Arianna Grande, to his questionable closeness with Demi Lovato, the 19-year-old is definitely a girl favorite.

However, in a recent interview with BOP magazine, Nialler reveals that he doesn't need a super famous woman in his life. He will readily date a regular chick, like one of 1D's millions of fans.

"If the right one came around. I'm not really a flirty, I try to be myself," Horan told BOP when asked if he'd consider dating a fan, as noted by STV Entertainment.

This is good news for all those teens who wish they could bring one of the One Direction boys home for mom and dad to meet. But of course, just like any other man, Niall has traits he looks for in a prospective girlfriend. The Irish teen told the magazine, "I like a girl who is cute and nice."

But it seems that Horan is finding it hard to find true love on the road with One Direction's very tight schedule, jumping from one country to another. As a matter of fact, the Mirror UK revealed that the singer and his reported girlfriend, model Zoe Whelan, have already called it quits.  

A source told the news website that Whelan, whom Horan reportedly brought to his brother's wedding in March, hasn't seen any effort from the singer to make the relationship work. Furthermore, the source says it might have been 1D's people who pushed Niall to breakup with the model.

"It is all over for Niall and Zoe -- and it is completely because of his side of things...there's been no push from Niall to keep things going at all and has told Zoe it is over by completely blanking her," the source explained. "It seems just doing her job is too much for 1D's people, who appear to have pressured Niall to cut all ties with Zoe. It's cruel the way he's done it, and she's obviously a bit devastated it's over."

If this is true, its sad news to see sweet love end; however, this also means that Nialler is back in the single market again and he might just be waiting for that perfect fan to date.

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