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Ricardo Medina Former 'Power Rangers' Has Charged To Voluntary Manslaughter After Stabbing Josh Sutter in Cold Blood

First Posted: Mar 18, 2017 10:13 AM EDT
Ricardo Medina Jr, "Power Rangers" Star, Admits to Fatally Stabbing Roommate

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Ricardo Medina, a former actor of the superhero TV series, "Power Rangers" has pleaded guilty for stabbing his roommate to death. The former Power Rangers actor admitted that he killed his roommate in cold blood with a sword. Medina to face six years in the state prison according to the prosecutor.

On Thursday, the 38-year-old former actor Ricardo Medina pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter his roommate by stabbing him to death with a sword. In the Antelope Valley court, the former "Power Rangers" actor admitted he killed Josh Sutter after they had a dispute back in 2015 in Green Valley home, Fox News has reported.

The statement was according to the district attorney of Los Angeles County office. Prosecutor stated that Ricardo Medina will be facing up to six years of imprisonment in the state prison. Back in 2016, the former actor was charged with first-degree murder, a year after the crime.

According to the investigators, Josh Sutter and Ricardo Medina argued just the way how Medina's girlfriend parked her car. As their argument goes on, Sutter has forced his way into Medina's room. Ricardo grabbed his sword that he kept by his door and stabbed Sutter several times then called 911.

Ricardo Medina in defense claimed that he was just defending himself against Josh Sutter. Everyone is asking why it had to wait for over a year before charging Medina? The Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department didn't offer any explanation about it, The Star as reported.

Because Medina voluntarily admitted that he killed Sutter, prosecutors have reduced the charge to voluntary manslaughter. According to Stanley Friedman, Medina's attorney, he stated that it was an offer from him that was worth it to take than the risk of getting a life sentence.

According to Rachel Kennedy, sister of Josh Sutter stated that she hired Ricardo Medina after opening a business selling rescued dogs. The 36-yearold- Josh Sutter moved in to help her sister in opening the business in 2011.

After hiring Medina, Rachel claimed that he's been acting erratically and they both argued frequently. Rachel was more than relieved after Medina admitted he killed though six years wouldn't be enough.

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