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Nintendo Switch News: Update 2.1.0 Is Now Live

First Posted: Mar 30, 2017 02:54 AM EDT
Nintendo Switch News: Update 2.1.0 Is Now Live

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Just in, Nintendo has officially released its first system update for the Nintendo Switch ever since the console's official launch earlier this month. However, the Japanese gaming company is advising the fans to not expecting it to introduce anything big like Virtual Console or any other meaningful features in mind.

According to GameSpot, unlike the day one update that delivered some significant changes and components to the console such as enabling access to the eShop, nothing new has changed with today's update 2.1.0 for the Nintendo Switch. Referring to the patch notes that was shared on Nintendo's support site, 2.1.0 merely provides some general system stability improvements in order to enhance the console user's experience.

Aside from that, there has been no further specifics shared, and unless they are well-hidden, there are no new settings or added features that were included in the update that went unmentioned in the said patch notes. According to Destructoid, update 2.1.0 should automatically download in the background of the console, and users will be prompted, not forced, to install the new update when they open any piece of software from the console.

Alternatively, users can also go to the System area of the Settings menu to manually start the very brief installation process. The download time will not be long and will last less than 5 minutes.

While many consider it to be a disappointing update, Nintendo analysts and experts are speculating that there will be a lot of functionality still to come for the Nintendo Switch. There is still the aforementioned Virtual Console, The system's integration with a mobile app which would allow voice chat, and a premium version of the Switch's online service that would provide limited-time access to a free game.

As of now, Virtual Console has not yet been announced nor dated, though fans have already seen classic games being released on the eShop. The mobile app, however, is slated for release this summer, with the expanded online service arriving later this fall.

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