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Apple to Close 200,000 32-bit Apps in App Store When iOS 11 Arrives

First Posted: Apr 23, 2017 05:00 AM EDT
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Apple previously announced that they will be making big changes to a lot of their systems, which included the recent migration to an entirely new APFS file system. The transition was achieved through the release of the latest iOS update, iOS 10.3. Now, The company is somewhat forcing all of the iOS apps on the Apple App Store to upgrade to the 64-bit system or risk being completely deleted.

According to a report from Mac World, Apple will be implementing some big changes to their Apple App Store when iOS 11 is released. As it stands there is apparently an estimated 187,000 apps on the App Store that are still running on 32-bit only. When the next update comes, all of the apps will reportedly be purged from Apple's servers, leaving only 64-bit compatible apps.

While the number of apps might seem staggering, they actually only equate to about 8 percent of the 2.4 million apps that are currently available on the Apple App Store. Apple also mentioned that this shouldn't really be a big concern for most users, as a majority of the apps are simply old trivia games and old apps that have not been updated for the past several years, as per Droid Report.

However, this is still devastating news for users who are still using devices such as the Apple iPhone 5 or some 32-bit iPads, as they will no longer be able to download and upgrade to the latest iOS version. Starting with iOS 11, all further iOS updates will reportedly only be for 64-bit devices. Those who are also on iOS 10 and are interested in Jailbreaking will not be able to do so as it will be highly unlikely for a jailbreaking tool to be available between now and the release of iOS 11 around September.

Users who are still running 32-bit apps on their iPhones and iPads are advised to update their apps as early as now. If there is no 64-bit update available, then users may contact the app's developer for further instructions.

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