Android Devices Can Now Join FaceTime Calls With iOS 15: Here's How

Android Devices Can Now Join FaceTime Calls With iOS 15: Here's How

Android users can now join in on FaceTime video calls using their smartphones with the release of Apple's new iOS 15.
First-Ever Apple Car Could Begin Production in 2024

Apple Becomes the First US Company To Hit $2 Trillion Market Value

Apple has become the first U.S company to reach a $2 trillion market value.

New iOS 13.5 Notifies Users If They've Been Exposed to Coronavirus-Positive Individual

The new patch lets Apple device users know if they've come into close contact with an individual who was infected with COVID-19.
3 best features that are added in the newly updated Apple Maps app in iOS13.

3 Game-Changing Features of New Apple Maps

3 best features that are added in the newly updated Apple Maps app in iOS13.
Apple Products

New Apple Products to Feature AR, Cheaper iPhones in 2020

New Apple products rumored to hit the market next year iPhone 12, iPhone SE 2 and Apple Watch that can track sleep.
One of the first customers to buy a new iPhone walks out of an Apple store in Manhattan on September 16, 2016 in New York City.

iOS 10.3 Update To Be Released On March: Top 9 Newest Features Revealed

Everything you need to know about iOS 10.3 beta update is here. Know all the details about the top 9 newest features below.
iPhone 5s

Apple Planning 'Enormous' iPhone Event at Stores This Week

Company wants to boost iPhone sales.
Apple iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c to Relaunch at 8GB? Apple Document Revealed

According to a leaked document, the tech giant will allegedly release an 8GB version of its iPhone 5c budget phone.

iPhone 6's Sapphire Crystal Glass Screen May Drive Price Up

Apple is reported to use the unbreakable sapphire crystal glass on the entire front screen of it's to be announced new device to be launched sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2014.

Will Apple Buy Elon Musk's Tesla Motor Company?

Apple may be considering acquiring the electric car giant.

Apple's iPhone 5c Drops In Price; iPhone 6 Coming Soon?

iPhone 5C is the latest device to get slashed prices
Apple's New Red Logo

Teen's iPhone 5c Explodes in Pants Causing 2nd Degree Burns

A 13-year-old's iPhone caught fire while in class causing the owner to suffer burns on her legs and back as the device was in her back pocket during the incident.

Starbucks Acknowledges App Security Flaw, But the Vulnerability Persists For Now

Beware, fans of Starbucks and fans of paying for coffee with your smartphone! A big problem has been discovered relating to how the Starbucks mobile app processes its data, and while Starbucks is working to fix the app, users aren't in the clear yet.
iPhone 6

iPhone Phablet In May, iPhone 6 in September?

Apple iPhone fans could see two completely different kinds of phones this year
iPhone 6 release

iPhone 6 Release Date, Specs, and Price: New Smartphone To Feature 3D, Curved Gorilla Glass [VIDEO]

The latest added feature of Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 6 has been revealed - the upcoming smartphone will have the 3D curved Gorilla glass for the display coming in two sizes, 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch, and this screen will be crack- and scratch-proof.

Apple Awarded Patents for Curved Display, Facial Recognition, and Light field Camera

As pressure for innovation is intensifying especially for smartphones, Apple gets awarded another patent, which suggests that it is possible for the highly anticipated device iPhone 6 to feature a new level of design: curved touchscreen display.
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